40k League Pod Play – Game 3

Well if I forgot to mention the league I joined for 8th ed 40k is broken up into 4 “pods” of group play. I played my last game of the first cycle this past weekend.

This game was against Death Watch (those emo individualist marines). My opponent was Spencer and we had a great back and forth match.

Instead of the normal league match we decided to break out the Open War cards. Here are our draws from the deck.

It was my first game with the cards. And I have to say – these things are awesome. I simply love the randomness of things and how the battles are not cookie cutter. Our match, as you can see in the photo above, was rather interesting. I took the middle deployment… what really hurt me was how the armies had to be divided into three parts. My wraith-wall list is meant to hit as a big monolithic hammer. With lots of target decisions forced onto the opponent… allowing for me to get close enough to start wraith gunning things to death.

But having been split up… allowed my opponents force to pick on my list piecemeal.

I decided to put down my Wraith Knight, Rangers and Dire Avengers first… hoping that after the first turn I could weather the storm with the sacrificed troops sitting on the objective (the prize from the cards) in the center. But the the Death watch hit hard… and really nearly one the game in the first round. First, the Rangers were set upon by the Death Watch… and slaughtered with just a bit of hand-to-hand clean up.

But what really hurt was the all the attention that the Wraith-knight took. He survived the shooting … but was finished off in hand-to-hand as well. It was pretty brutal. It wouldn’t have been bad if I had the rest of my army to support him. Or to retaliate… but being split up really shortened his lifespan.

RangersI brought in my second faction in the following turn – hoping to turn the bleak looking mess on the table. I still had possession of the Prize… and I had my Dire Avengers try to rush it to my better positioned area of the table. I brought on the Hemlock Wraithfighter, Wraithseer and some Wraithguard with D-Scythes. According to the cards I had to come on from the table edge…so I set up a beach head to try and clear out some defensive space. My opponent had dropped in a unit of terminators to go after my Dire Avengers and the Prize. They made short work of the Dire Avengers… but the Prize laid unclaimed in the dust.

I went to work on removing the terminator squad. I smiled the unit with my Hemlock, and my Wraithguard with D-Scythes advanced and shot… followed with shots from the hemlock as well. … at the end of the shooting the terminator threat was gone. My Wraithseer shot some jump troops in a building to try and clear out further threats.

The final portion of the Death Watch showed up in the 3rd round… and utterly gutted my Wraithseer… although she got to pop back from the Phoenix Gem for an instant… taking some of the Death Watch with her – she was still cut down in assault. It was pretty horrific… but the Prize still lay in the dirt – not claimed – so I had a chance. In my 3rd turn I dropped my final 3rd of my force – from the web way portal. Eldrad and a 10 strong wraithguard unit with wraith cannons. (Looking back – I should have dropped this unit first).

I dropped them in and took out another full unit of Death Watch… and made short work of another unit as well. Soon the battle was down to just a few on both sides. I got Eldrad onto the Prize – hoping that if I could hold out – I could still win this mess. I only had to hold it for one more round of battle… it would be hard to do – but if the dice worked in my favor I could win a shocker.

Rangers. Eldrad, and what was left of the Wraithguard held off the entire force of Death Watch… for about half a turn lol. The awesome elite Death Watch dread rushed in and helped slay Eldrad… and the ancient dreadnaught grabbed the price in the melee.

I attacked with everything I had left … even the clueless Bone Signer joined in … but at the end the Dread still had 3-4 wounds left. And at the end of the 5th round – the Prize went to the Death Watch. It was closer than I would have imagined… and I had really shocked Spencer (my opponent) with how the Wraithguard almost turned the tide… and nearly erasing his entire force in 2 short turns.

In retrospect… I should have reversed the order of my thirds… Eldrad and the Wraithguard could have bunkered down better – leaving the prize alone till later rounds. I had hoped that the Wraith Knight would have lasted maybe one more turn – but I had underestimated the Death Watch ability to take him down in one turn. I plan some tweaks to my list – and to possibly better focus things in the next round of the league.


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