This Week in Hobby — 01.16.18

I have jumped in with both feet on this 40k league. I had a game last night and have another one scheduled for tonight.  For my list in this league (at least the first round) I am going with a simple to play straight forward force.  I don’t want to have to think to far ahead of myself – so I want to just concentrate on playing in 8th edition until I get the hang of things.

For the league I have put together this “Wraith-wall” Iyanden army … which comes in at 1999 pts.  This is a slight modification to a list I took to OFCC a few years ago.  And thus was a list that I already had painted figures and a basic knowledge of what I could do with them.

++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Aeldari – Craftworlds) ++

+ HQ +

Spiritseer : Quicken/Restrain, Blazing Star of Vaul, Shuriken Pistol

Wraithseer : Fate’s Messenger, D-cannon, The Phoenix Gem, Warlord

+ Heavy Support +

Wraith lord : Aeldari Missile Launcher, Bright Lance, Flamer, Shuriken Catapult

+ Flyer +

Phoenix : Crystal Targeting Matrix, Phoenix Missile Array, Phoenix Pulse Laser, Twin Shuriken Cannon

+ Elites +

Bonesinger : Faolchu’s Wing

Wraithguard : D-scythe, 5x Wraithguard

Wraithguard : D-scythe, 5x Wraithguard

Wraith guard : Wraithcannon, 10x Wraithguard

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Aeldari – Craftworlds) ++

+ Lord of War +

Wraithknight : Two Heavy Wraithcannons

+ No Force Org Slot +

Craftworld Attribute: Iyanden: Stoic Endurance

The Path of War


I have been told that I need to think about retooling the list – to maximize command points.  I plan to do that – after I get a better idea of how 8th plays.  My hope is to field my Harlequins sometime later in this league.

This first game of league play was against a very tough Marine / Grey Knight force.

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Space Marines) ++

+ HQ +

Lord Kaldor Draigo : Gate of Infinity, Vortex of Doom

+ Elites +

Paladin Squad : Hammerhand
. 3x Paladin
. Paragon:

+ Flyer +

Xiphon Interceptor

+ Heavy Support +

Centurion Devastator Squad
. Centurion: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons
. Centurion Sergeant: Hurricane bolter, Two Lascannons

Deimos Pattern Vindicator Laser Destroyer : Storm bolter

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought : 2x Heavy flamer, 2x Storm cannon array

++ Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Imperium – Space Marines)  ++

+ Lord of War +

Roboute Guilliman


This was a battle of elite tough armies – both built around “Alpha-Strike” capabilities.  In this league we are playing from a specialized mission pack as well.  I won’t go into the missions – but you can see it over at Ordo – Happy’s Winter Warzone 2018.

I ended up getting the first turn via roll off – which he tried to steal but even with a re-roll failed to do.  I jumped at my opportunity to do some real damage to the marines – and spend 3 of my command points on a webway assault… (which I had set up during deployment) – my 10 Wraithguard unit and the Spiritseer – into his backfield – within shooting of both his tank and flyer. With a mass of wraith cannon shots – I took out his Vindicator Laser Destroyer… and knocked his Xiphon Interceptor down to 1 wound left.

The hail of return fire was withering … those Centurions pack a punch – them and the Relic dried had decimated the Wraithguard – down to 4 (or was it 3?) and the Spiritseer. The failure to complete in the destruction of the flyer came back to haunt me the same turn … as he sputtered over and got a clean shot with las cannons to erase my bone singer. This would come back to haunt me in the later rounds.


We traded shots for the next round… on points I was one point ahead for most of the game. It was tight… the marines dropped in behind my lines to try and tip the balance…

Draigo and his Pali buddies dropped… and started picking off the back field wraithguard… I had to refocus on this threat with everything I had. Even the Wraighknight had to turn his guns to the backfield. I shot the heck out of the marines with d-scythe, D-Cannon and heavy wraithcannons… I left the wraithlord to try to pop the flyer sitting on the one wound – but he missed all shots. The marines were whittled down – so I attempted to assault them with wraithguard and failed the charge. But with a re-roll my Wraithseer got in… the fight was messy – and my Wraithseer parishes!… but due to the Phoenix Gem… everyone in 3″ took possible mortal wounds… and with that the marines were slain… and the Wraithseer stood back up with one wound… and ended the incursion. Things were starting to look good for the Eldar.

But with their backs against the wall… the marines pushed on – the still sputtering flyer swung around and along with the remaining marines managed to drop my Wraithnight in ONE TURN. Again, those centurions are nasty dudes. My wraithlord was also slain … it wasn’t looking good … this was a bloody battle for sure.

My forces were down to just a couple partial units of wraithguard and my re-risen Wraithseer.



The marines fought back – with only 3 figures – secured an objective and destroyed another of my wraithguard units. I concentrated fire to remove the flyer finally – and my last wraithguard blew it up… unfortunately the explosion kills my Wraithseer … such a calamity.

In the end, I loose by one victory point… the points from my dead Wraithseer tipping the balance – from a draw to a minor victory to the marines. All in all a fun and bloody battle. Only my second battle in 8th ed and I am starting to feel comfortable.


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