This Week in Hobby – 8.22.17

This Week in Hobby – 8.22.17

Here is the crowning jewel of my summer. The total solar eclipse passed over my yurt yesterday.

We had about 25-30 people staying the weekend at our home and lots of fun was had by all.

I did get the porch and stairs done for the yurt on a slightly delayed schedule. I’ll add a roof to the porch after we get more done inside the yurt.

Next up for the yurt is finalizing plans on switching to natural gas and an on-demand water heater. While we are figuring that out I’ll finish redoing the drip edge and skirting. Then we’ll get the bathtub (finally) installed.

That’s it for me – this week will be busy – but I’m hoping to be joining a game league in the fall – so at least I’ll have some battles to report on sometime.


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