Summer Projects – 7.3.17

After a weekend of relaxing I set about to start ticking off some of the yurt projects. First on that list was the installation of the standard window. It has been something I’ve needed to do for a couple years … it was nice to get it done.

First thing that had to happen was taking off the yurt siding – so I could access the lattice framing in the area I wanted the window. This happens to be directly opposite of the door.

I then pulled back the insulation layer… and matched up the window frame along the interior wall.

I had to unscrew the lattice from the existing 2×4 supports. Then I removed the two supports and slid in the new widow frame support. Then I reattached the lattice with screws to the new window frame.

Next, I cut out the lattice for the window. After that I attached some mounting strips around the window frame before putting the insulation and outer siding.

After the walls were back in place I cut both the insulation and putter layer out for the final part of the window install.

After some outside trim work – the window is fully secured. It was a pretty simple job which only took about ⅔ of my weekend. I feel bad for letting it slide so long.

Next up for the yurt with be a new front porch – and some reworked skirting.  I’m hoping to start that next week. Sadly, I got no time in for hobby stuff this past week.


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