This Week in Hobby – 5.8.17

It turned out to be a fairly quiet week for me on the hobby scene.  Some extended family things came up … and I ended up pretty busy in my free time. 

I ordered this as soon as it was released.  I used it as an opportunity to pick up these additions. 

All of these Dark-Age releases has really made it hard not to pick up more lol. As well as limited my time looking and working on other games. 

I did get started on these two. I’ve got a good handle on how to get these bases done quickly.  I also picked up and based this new addition as well. 

I’m thinking he’ll be a nice addition to the Outcasts. 

I finished Captain Flay.  And got a good start on this wasteland warrior.  I’m not entirely happy with how the scheme is working. But I’m hesitant to start over on her.  I think I’ll spend more time making her look more dirty &  grimy. 

I’m hoping to get more done this week. 


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