This Week in Hobby – 5.1.17

Well another month flew by … and the days are slowly getting lighter and warmer. Spring is in the air as they say.  I’m enjoying the time between showers to get outside for relaxing as well as some work in the yard.

On they painting table this week I’ve gotten several more Dark-Age Outcasts completed.

Nathaniel and Orchid… came together pretty nicely. I had a clear vision on a paint scheme… and I’m happy with how they turned out.

I got Hoj done – tying him into a similar theme as Nathaniel & Orchid.  I really feel that the system is working well for the Outcasts… I’m hoping to repeat it with the next faction I paint.

I found time this weekend to finish up the Outcasts Warchief.  Again this one went quickly. I’m over halfway completed with the Outcasts now.

I also added these too additions to the Outcasts last week. I’m hoping to get them base colored in this week.

Lastly, I picked up this addition to my classic Eldar collection…

I’m hoping to get this paint ready soon and have it in gaming shape soon after.


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