Last Week in Hobby – 4.3.17

Well spring is officially arrived… and it is a wet one. Yet we have gotten some rays of sunshine from time to time. The outlook is good. 

I have got a few hours at the hobby table over the past week. I wrapped up the Brood for Dark-Age.  I decided I needed to get at least one other faction pained for play… so I settled on my smallest faction the Outcasts. 

I started this project by putting Mongo together …  he only required a small bit of greenstuff. 

I had already based the other Outcasts – so I caught him up to the same stage as well. 

For the Outcasts I decided on a broken concrete and rebar look – something in contrast to the swamp bases of the Brood. 

I will be doing these guys assembly line fashion. Which really went well for the multiple layers of dry brushing and washes. 

I’ve just started doing the flesh tones. Hoping for a good sunbaked / dark tanned look.  I’m hoping to wrap those up early this week and start on the outfits next. 

I’ll do some looking around and research a color palette for the Outcasts in the next couple days so I can get these guys done quickly. 

I am continuing to review and refine my hobby collection. I am hoping to get some remodeling done in my hobby area over the rest of the spring as well. 

– ok – back to work. 


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