Wow, time just slips by when things get busy.  Things have been kinda hectic in our continued push to get things done between rain or snow lol. 

We tore down two old and rotten sheds late last month and got this new shed delivered this month. We will end up with 3 or 4 times the storage we used to have – all in a more usable space.

I spend last weekend getting all of the electrical installed and working properly. 

On the gaming / hobby front … I finally got all of my Dark-Age Brood painted and complete. I’ve been working here and there on them. But finally this Week had time to sit for a few hours and bang them out. 

Here are some individual photos of the newly completed figs…  

I’m waiting for a new photo shooting set up to be completed before I reshoot the group as a whole.

Next up I need to clean up the hobby table (again). And decide what I’ll be working on next.  Thinking about Epic … or something.