This Week in Hobby – 1.23.17

The last few weeks have been pretty chilly and snowy. Suffice to say I didn’t spend much time at my hobby table. 

But, things warmed up and I got a few things straightened up in my space.  Yesterday I did get a few moments to get some painting in. Not a lot – just about an hour lol. 

I forgot to post these Lashers – I finished them a couple weeks ago. 

I also got pretty far on these two Pud Throwers. I’m nearly done with them. I’m hoping to finish them this week. 

Lastly, I just went to town on this Bloat. The mini is so different than anything I’ve done lately. I am hoping to finish it up soon as well. 

Other than these few things I’ve just been trying to clean up clutter. We are preparing to take down a couple sheds. So we’ve been going through stuff as we go. We are replacing the small sheds with a larger shed… so the clutter may hang around till we get that done. 


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