This New Year in Hobby – 1.9.17

Well the holidays are left behind now – I enjoyed the time with family and friends. Now it’s time to get back and focus on hobby and other projects. 

Let’s see… I finished a few things before the end of the year. I just lacked the time to post it all.  I finished the two Grists for DarkAge. 

I also started and finished these two Lashers. 

I’ve been trying to get these Brood completed… and I’m down to just s few left. These two Pud-Throwers are nearly complete – I hope to get them done this week. 

And yesterday I started prepping the last five for the Brood. It will be nice to have these guys done and off the painting table. 

Lastly, I got the display of my wedding topper redone for my wife. It’s only been almost three years since I said I would finish it lol. 

Ok, short update as to the goings on for my hobby. Yesterday my RPG group got back to gaming – things are feeling back on track. 


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