This Week in Hobby – 12.14.16

Winter is here … holidays… parties… family and friends. Since the end of November till now, and then till after New Years things will be busy. Enjoying time in the frantic running around can be taxing. Stop and take a moment to look around and breathe … and appreciate the time you have with those you love. 

Let’s see …  this week 

I finished Murtros … it took forever, but I’m calling him done. 

I also got pretty far along with these two Grists

I’m hoping to finish them up this week. We will see if I get that kinda time. 

I also picked up this draco- creature to paint up for my daughter. 

I’m needing to get it primed and put together for paint.  When she is here visiting me I can show her how I paint it – and she can take it home with her. 

– happy holidays –


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