This Week (or so) in Hobby – 12.5.16

The cold and chilly season has begun to descend into my area. So the last couple weeks my spare time has been “winterising” the home and property. I’ve done a few Hobby things- but it’s been between getting everything else completed. 

First off, I did break down and picked up the new Blood Bowl release.  I have yet to read the rules or set it up for a game. I just figured I’d be getting back to blood bowl at some point… so I should have it on hand. 

The game club is starting a new league in the new year … at this point I’m not joining in on that. I am kinda burnt out on blood bowl … having finished the Stunty Leeg with my gobbos (1/4/1)… and forfeiting the last 2 rounds.  I wasn’t feeling I was connecting to the game – and it was just a chore to make arrangements to get those games in. 

At some point I’ll put together the teams from the new box set – and ge back into it. But for now, I’m not forcing myself into it. 

I did get my second batch of Puds done for dark age last week. They are easy to get done – I painted them while role playing WHFRP with my group over skype. 

This weekend I started painting Helexa and these two Grists. 

I’m trying to push through the rest of these Brood before the end of the year. It will be a difficult task with the holidays and things … but I think it is possible. 

I made good headway on the Grists. All the base colors are completed. And a basic wash was put on last night. I’m just needing to pull out all the details this week to wrap them up. 

I nearly finished Helexa last night as well. I just need to add in some grasses and basing – and she will be good. 

With the winterising completed, I’m hoping to get some things redone within my workshop / hobby table area over the winter. I need options for book storage, game boxes as well as minis. 

I also need to pursue getting my airbrush station figured out. Which will include some proper venting. Along with that I need to get a better photo light box station worked out so I can get some cleaner shots of things I’ve done. 


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