This Week in Hobby – 11.7.16

It’s kinda been busy the last week or more. I’ve been trying to button up outside project stuff before winter arrives. I have had little hobby time really… but here is what I did get to.

I finally sat down and got to work on my Dark-Age objectives. These will represent the few times the objectives have the “Blocks Line of Sight” & “Impassable” keywords. I’ve got a few ideas for the “Does Not Block Line of Sight” & “Impassable” objectives… but that’s another project.

Back on task … I visited my local area plastics seller. And picked up 2″ dia. tubing (blue). And 2″ dia. caps. All 1/8″ stock.

I used the glue recommended by TAPP (the plastics dealer). And I glued on the 2″ discs to cap the tubing on one end. I had them cut the pipe down to 6″ long sections. I also special ordered the black pillow filler and picked up the little LED light strings on Amazon.

I took some of the filler and stuffed a small wad into each tube. Filling about 1″ of the bottom – loosely.

I then wrapped the lighting around lumps of the black filler – adding more as needed until the lights were all able to fit.

I made sure to add a thin layer of filling to the outside of the bundle so the lights were not all against the blue plastic.   Another thing was that I was sure to wrap the lights battery and control switch in filler – to obscure it from being seen. This was then wrapped with lights.

I made sure the switch was at the bottom of the completed tube. I’m mostly done with these – I still need to come up with a base – and something to easily get to the on and off switches.

I’m hoping to complete these this week. – we will see.

Outside projects like I have said have kept me busy. Here is a big one … trimming a row of overgrown arborvitae from along our property line. These were all mostly over 25-30′ tall. We “trimmed” them down to 8′.

Cutting up the logs, trimming the limbs and burning the bits as we go. We are about 1/3 the way through the 27 or so in the row. And the difference is striking. Suddenly we have so much more light in out back yard lol.

Another urgent project came up last Thursday- while digging around a waterline. I needed to redo the water filler setup for the yurt. We’ve had it in an insulated box outside the yurt. This was connected to an existing project faucet feed when we built the yurt.

Well while exposing the lines to be redone my son hit the line and split the waterline.

Water shot over the yurt – we had to turn off all of the water and the next morning make repairs.

Luckily, the hole and split in the pipe was just short enough for me to use a good union to repair.

I had him doing a lot of the work for the repair – good skill to have – fixing problems you create lol.

The first attempt didn’t go so well. The water pressure “popped” the union. So after the water lowered some I doubled down and got things extra snug. After redoing some of the positioning.

Things held without leaks through the weekend. But it’s all exposed and it’s a mess.

I’ll be shutting the water off again this week and totally redoing this. The faucet will be moved and the filter stuff taken out completely. The filter will go into the yurt – and I’ll redo the shutoff valves as well.

Back at the hobby table… I had some extra pvc laying around and I decided to make some more scatter terrain.

I simply superglued this together – added some fine wire wraps and glued that into place. I added some damage and will primer it shortly.

Lastly, I started putting some paint on Murtros… one of the Dark-Age Brood leaders. I saw online someone’s version of him painted red. So I’m painting mine similar – it looked very nice – and striking.

Only got the base red on now – I’m hoping to get him finished this week.


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