This Week in Hobby – 10.25.16

Well – another slow-ish week. With the BloodBowl league on an every two week schedule- I skipped getting any games in. 

I finished up these two Sawblades for my DarkAge Brood. 

I’m happy with how they turned out. And they seem to fit well with the rest of my Brood to this point. 

After getting the rest of my Brood in from purchases last week.  I quickly set to popping the blister packs and boxes to start assembling the additions. 

Some of the resin parts didn’t fit well. I’m sure Brood will get new resculpts someday. 

The Numbskull is especially ill fitting. I have spent over a hour fiddling with it before resorting to green stuff and superglue to get him together. 

The image on the box was a “reverse image” when compared to the actual model. It’s irritating because your looking at the box – trying to understand how the figure should be put together. 

This is the pose I went with. Which is similar to the image on the box … but with his fist pounding the ground – into the nicely cratered basing. 

Next for him I’ll clean up the joints with more green stuff and prep him for primer. 


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