This Week in Hobby – 10.18.16

It’s been a rainy stormy week here in the Pacific Northwest … I spent more time preparing things for the storm than doing any hobby work.

But I did do some minor painting on these two DarkAge Brood Sawblades. My push to get all the Brood done is slowly moving forward. 

But, I picked these up on eBay which kinda sets that goal back a little.  These pick-ups finish my Brood. I now have all the current choices for Brood in DarkAge. 

Along with these miniature picks – I grabbed this set for my Infinity USAriadna. I’m hoping that I can get some mobile speed into my list soon. 

On top of all that I received my “This Is Not A Test” Kickstarter this week. I’ve had just a few moments checking it out. Next time I’ll do a quick breakdown of what I picked up.  I love Kickstarter stuff … sometimes you wait quite a long time for stuff – but it’s always good stuff. And with the time delay sometimes it’s a nice surprise waiting in the mailbox. 

BloodBowl – Stunty Leeg Week 4. Well not a lot to say about this one – TöeJam loss yet again. This time a blow out against another Goblin Cheaters team the “Red Cloud Revers”. 

I’m beginning to feel the grind with this BloodBowl season.  And my lack of playing this game regularly really shows. I’m thinking this will be the last league of BloodBowl I’ll be joining for awhile. One off games – sure. But league play really requires you to “know” the game. I simply don’t have the time to devote to BloodBowl. On top of that – their are so many other games I like to play… it would be hard to justify time to play more BloodBowl. 

I say this now – but a new edition of BloodBowl is due out by the end of the year. Maybe a good human team will be a nice change?  


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