This Week in Hobby – 10.3.16

Let’s see – it was a hit and miss week for getting things on the hobby table done.  

I’ve completed the Gazelle/ Red Hot for DarkAge.  I think she turned out great. 

I also started and finished these two Plights for DarkAge. 

The other things that I have been working on is more terrain. This time my focus is on the refinery set up. This is various old things I had along with a few new additions. 

It’s a messy bits box of odd parts – pipe works mostly. I added a couple sofa can storage tanks and an MDF tank as well. 

I’ve had this huge tank built back over 25 years ago. I decided to dress it up with new bits. I redid the basing and I plan on adding some sort of ladder or catwalks to it as well before I’m done. 

I then took this old block of a ruin building. Also 25+ years old and I started to renovate it as well. I redid the 2nd floor  mesh to allow for better gaming movement.

After the basic cosmetic adjustments… I set to adding a way for the miniatures to gain access to the upper level. I decided to build a set of stairs up the blank wall. I’ll add a blown out doorway at the top. 

This is where I wrapped up. I’ll get some more work done on it this week. I’m planning to add a mesh landing at the top and possibly hand rails. The steps are nice and wide so figure bases can sit on each one. 

That’s it for now. I’ll have a 3rd week BloodBowl match Tuesday this week. So I hope to have an update for that later this week. 


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