This Week in Hobby – 9.23.16

It’s been a slow week on the hobby table. No games played and only a handful of things done. 

I began the week working on a couple of Ratchets for my Brood force. I’m really pushing to get through all the Brood so I’ll have a nicely painted force to go game with. 

The Ratchets have always been a must have inclusion in my Dark-Age games for the Brood. That will probably change somewhat in the future. Because I’ve done a good job of picking up more options for the Brood. 

Here the are completed. While I was finishing up the Ratchets I quickly get these Broodlings done as well. 

I went for the same paint scheme as I did with the Brood Hounds and the Howler. 

Yesterday I started work on my Gazelle/ Red Hot.  In just a couple days I’ve got her nearly done. 

I’m hoping to have her finished by the end of the weekend. We’ll see if that happens. 

BloodBowl match 2 is scheduled for this coming Tuesday… I’ll be sure to post up the match results after that game. 

Lastly, I’ve come across another Dark-Age duplicate book in my collection. I think I’ll send it off to someone whom wants it. If your interested let me know.

In about 30 more visitors to my blog I’ll hit an all time annual high point.  When the blog gets past that point I’ll look through the emails and pick out a lucky recipient. 


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