This Week in Hobby – 9.12.16

Let’s see – I had a fairly productive week on the hobby side of things. First I decided to start prepping my next painting project. This would be completing my Brood faction for Dark-Age.

So I popped open the extra blisters I had hanging around and prepped them all for primer and basing.

After getting them primered, I pushed on to get them all based with cork and sand. After the sand I added the crackle paint to finish off the tops of the cork.

After the crackle dried out I moved on with painting both the green swampy floor and the dried earth.

Here we are as of last night. All ready for paint and then “water” effects.  I’m pushing to get these guys done over this month.  My hope is to have these fully painted and ready to play the Brood for the fall/winter gaming season.

The “grand plan” will be to add this faction to my finished USAriadna faction … As fully painted and ready gaming alternatives. After these are completed I hope to complete the work on the mini-mansion MDF project. After that I’ll be turning the entire focus on the hobby table to the OFCC Harlequin project. This should happen by November.

I picked up a Zuzzy war-gaming mat from a local seller last week.  Hard to pass up – and the price was right.

If you haven’t heard of these – check them out. They are latex rubber – sheet that’s been molded for surface texture.

Of course they are highly flexible. I set about painting mine this weekend. Just 2-3 coats of black primer (krylon spray paint).

I then took it in to my table and put on a few coats of dry brushing to pull out the details.

I then started in on some of the details – like the uncovered brickwork.

I’ll need to pull out some of the other details this week and show you the finished product when it’s complete.I’m thinking this will be a perfect mat for Infinity, Dark-Age as well as GW’s Kill Team.


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