Blood Bowl – Stunty Leeg – wk 1

Well as you were fore-warned … A new Blood Bowl season is on … You can check it out over at – it’s the “Stunty Leeg Fall 2016”.

Game one of the season was against the SL Strigoyan team named “Better Dead than Red”. The TöeJam JV squad (SL Goblin “Cheaters”) was ready to go.

– The Better Dead than Red team is in an early conversion stage. The team owner is using figures from a board game and has yet to get paint on these guys.

The game started out in blistering heat for the first half – very draining conditions for the players. Other than that we got things underway – TöeJam kicking off to Better Dead than Red.

The opponent caught the ball after a high kick – and proceeded to work on their advance. But early on in the first half the vamps made a bad block in an attempt to take out my looney. The dice gods weren’t pleased … The ghoul slipped and was cut clean in half by Cutta’ the wiley eyed gobbo. This action started to set a tone for the match.

Not long after the pogoer dislodged the ball from the vamps … Which was picked up by another goblin. The rest of the team surrounded the ball carrier.

With only a few options the vamp lord tosses one of his minions into my pack of Gobbos. But they only knocked down one of the blockers. I took the rest of the rounds in the first half to go in for the score.

First half ended 1-0 in favor of TöeJam.

The second half TöeJam received the ball on a kickoff. And proceeded to try and move down the pitch for another score. Only to be thwarted by the Strigoyan team mid way down the pitch.

Again the Strigoyans tried tossing a player into my cage – but it only took out one of the blockers … But using the clear space the vamp lord took the opportunity to block my ball carrier to the sideline. Another ghoul slammed into the scrum resulting in my ball carrier being pushed off the pitch.

The crowd of cheering fans injured the ball carrier and tossed the ball back onto the pitch. The ball bounced and sit near the center of the field.

The Strigoyans leap at the ball – sorrounding it. A ghoul swept in but failed to pick it up. The ball bounced again. The gobbos had one last chance to put and end to this game.

Hoppa’ the pogoer leapt into action – and with the use of a re-roll scooped up the ball – and did his best to put distance between himself and the Strigoyan defenders.

The rest of the goblins did their best to get in the way and slow down the Strigoyan players … And on the next goblin turn – Hoppa’ stretched out and crossed in for the score (2 go-for-it rolls!)

Better Dead than Red had 2 turns left in the game … The gobbos stood tall (as much as they could) to stimey the Strigoyan offense. In the end TöeJam had the dice gods on their side this day .. (sniff – wiping tears away from eyes)

A win for TöeJam! 2-0 over Better off Dead than Red.


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