This Week in Hobby – 8.31.16

Summer hobby time is always limited by many factors. Most of which in the PNW is the nice weather. This means I spend more time outside – enjoying time with family and friends.  But now that we stand on the edge of summers end … My thoughts turn toward wrapping up projects and starting new plans for the year to come. 

First off, what sits on my hobby table. I finished the junk tire pile terrain. 

I’ve magnetized my Traktor Muls for my USAriadna.  The magnetizing doesn’t do anything special with this figure. I just got tired of the launch tubes constantly popping the glue. I tried pinning but just figured the magnet would fix it once and for all lol. 

I started work on the Unknown Ranger as well. 

Lastly, I finished up a couple more terrain additions to my junk/ruined/ after the apoc table stuff. In. This case it’s a pair of dumpsters. 

Next on my table will be to do a few additions to my goblin BloodBowl team. I joined a stunt you league which starts in a few weeks. So expect game day reports when that starts. 

After that I’ll be doing some prep work for my next big project – TBA. 😜


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