This Week in Hobby – 8.15.16 (getting back on track)

The biggest problems I have is getting back on track with projects after I get de-railed.  Going to OFCC last week sure helped spark my interest in getting back on track. 

In the weeks that have followed I’ve made a point of getting out into my work area at least a few times every other day or so. 

 I’ve finished this Merc Hacker this past weekend.  And a friend picked up some additional projects for me from his trip to GenCon.

I’ll be trying to get”The Unknown Ranger” done soon for my USAriadna. He’s a pretty cool mini – here are some quick shots as I worked to get him ready to paint. 

Lastly, I picked up some more terrain for Dark-Age and other post apoc style games. Tire piles from armourcast. 

First up – I washed them with soap and warm water. I then primed them and started in with base colors. 

Basic dry brushing on the first and sand. Then I went in with pulling out all the rubber tire parts. Next I’ll do the rims and then work on dust, rust and grime details.  These will look great with my rusty fence and future pipeworks. 

Alright – back to work!


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