The Past Few Weeks in Hobby – 8.8.16

It’s been a busy mid summer. Hanging out, relaxing and just trying to live in the moment.  With mid-summer drawing to a close I thought I’d better get an update posted before summer was gone. 

First off, I did end up going to OFCC this year. As a visitor and not really a participant.  I was an alternate “ringer” for Infinity just in case they needed one to balance things. Turns out I wasn’t needed. 

It was great to go without any real schedule or pressure to play. I met up with friends and got to play a game of Dark-Age.  Here are some shots of the battle … Against my friend Josh’s Skarrd … A similar list I had played him before. I played Brood – but my lack of play time shows – my tactics were horrible. 

I took the Howler – but got totally out of position with him – and really left my center open. I’m the end – it took o my 3 rounds to be tabled lol. Was fun to play – and remember how much I want to play more. 

The rest of OFCC was looking good. Here are some of the armies that caught my eye. – Infinity as well as Warhammer 40,000. 

All the sights make me want to get back on a team next year and participate. Initial thoughts are that I get those Harlequins back on the table. With a year to go till next OFCC I may try. 

What’s left? …  I got my grunts done for Infinity over the week since OFCC. 

I also got this figure done from operation ice storm. 

Lastly, I got a couple buildings/ ruins done for Epic 40k. 

Ok- that’s it for now. My current project plans are to get back to work on some yurt projects (window, porch and new tub). Also planning to wrap up my USAriadna soon – and get my Brood complete. 


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