The Past Month in Hobby – 7.22.16

Well, it’s been a fairly quiet hobby month for me. I completed some basic non hobby projects and had fun relaxing.

Biggest disappointment so far is the ending of my bathtub project – which ended with a boom. Having placed the feet on the tub – we attempted to turn the tub over. And due to gravity and poor planning or lack of thinking things through… I broke the tub. We dropped it about 6 inches catching the feet on their sides. One broke in half – the other ripped off the tub – pulling out the support and pooping the enamel off the inside of the tub. – a hole in the tub.

Very disappointed on all that. But I think the tub will make a good bog garden maybe.  We will get another tub for the yurt soon enough.

Ok – hobby table – looks much like it did when I left it. Not much change here. I still have a handful of grunts to finish and then I think I’ll move on to some Dark-Age painting.

I have picked up more things for gaming – more USAriadna …

These two options should allow me to field a nice Ariadna force for Infinity.

Next –

I picked up these minis from Interloper … I’ll be using them with “This is not a test” skirmish game when I receive that Kickstarter – I hope by this fall.

Other than that I’ve been trying to get things done outside over the summer. Along with relaxing and enjoying friends and family time.


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