Summer Projects 

Well summer is here now and I’ve been buried in projects – non game or hobby related.  I’m officially sidelined until I get things outside the hobby area done.

First project was to finish up putting a modern toilet into the yurt. I have a friend up from New Mexico and they needed a place to stay over a few weeks. I used this as a reason to get things further along in the yurt.

The flushing toilet was a welcome upgrade after years of the composting one. My friend and his family appreciated it while they stay in the yurt.

I’ve made slow progress on the tub, although it is nearly ready to install into the yurt. I’m hoping next week we will get that moved in and installed. I’ll be sure to post up some shots of the work.

“Finishing” the yurt is the main goal this summer. Which will include installing a window, building a covered porch and a ladder to the loft. But before that I need to finish the bathroom.

Being summer time, we also want time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. For me this has created a giant sized gap in my ability to be ready for OFCC.  I’ve decided this will be another year where I’ll be skipping the event as a competitor. I may get a chance to pop out to visit one of the days. Heck I may get a game in on open play… which would be nice.


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