This Week in Hobby – 6.02.16

Well it’s been a couple busy weeks. Sorry for the delay but it’s now June … and my self imposed deadlines loom. 

I’ve made good progress on the old bathtub project. I’m down to a few gloss coats and I’ll be done with it.  It took ages each afternoon to strip the old layers of paint.

I spent last weekend getting a good few layers of etching primer on – and after another couple days dry time I started laying down the color my wife had picked. 

While I worked on the tub my brother got the old claw feet sand blasted. I’ll be giving them a good few layers of clear coating. And then I’ll piece the tub back together. 

On the real hobby table I got more done as well …

Intermixed over the last couple weeks I’ve found time to work on my mini-mansion. This kit has been a joy to put together. So much so – I had a hard time stopping work on it each day I had time to work on it. 

I got all the elements put together – all dry fit nice and tight. I only had minimal clean up to do. This will be a perfect addition to my options for Infinity as well as Dark-Age and even 40k. 

After finishing all the main parts I went back and started painting each part needed for each component. Here is the main big building with the paint scheme I’ve decided to use. For now I just sprayed on the main colors. 

I’ll detail it out later – someday lol.  Anyhow, I plan to paint up the rest of the elements when I get a chance. But here are some additional shots of the components of this kit. 

I can’t say enough about how great this kit is. Very nicely packed with instructions at each component layer.  
Ok, well there are still lots that I need to get done before mid-month. Back to work. 


2 responses to “This Week in Hobby – 6.02.16”

  1. I’m super jealous about that cashtak kit, their mega-mansion bundle is high on my wish list of mdf terrain I’d happily buy.

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