This Week in Hobby – 04.21.16

Well – spring is going well here in the PNW … and even though I’m sidetracked with extra outside projects – I did get some time for hobby. 

Over the past weekend I got a chance to play a teaching game of Dark-Age.  I had my great nephews over for a weekend of yard work catch-up and games. 

I helped tutor one while helping the other team with rules and tactical choices. It was 350pts of CORE vs Brood.  We played killing floor (I think I remember that right). 

The basic run down of the battle was you needed to occupy the center room with out opponents on the floor to score a victory point. 

 The nephews thought it would be cool to have Pathfinder half way up the wall with its go anywhere skill.  I had to admit that it was cool to see lol. The CORE scored the first victory point in round 2 with the clever Pathfinder leading the charge. 
Meanwhile the Brood were more cautious… Sneaking up on the opposite side… Lead by Mean Jellybean early in round 3.

Mean Jelly bean survived a flame attack by Pathfinder (lucky saves). As well as a pair of bombs dropped by Thumper. Which reminds me – in 2 consecutive rounds Thumper malfunctioned and hit itself with bombs lol – blowing himself up. That was a turning point in this game. 

Soon after – Mean Jellybean and the Broodhounds pounce on Pathfinder. It takes 2 rounds of close combat – but they vanquish Pathfinder to the scrap pile. 

That was about it. The rest of the Brood mopped up – and by the end of turn 5 all of the CORE force was destroyed. 


After pulling out my Realm of Battle Boards for Dark-Age I decided that they needed finishing. I spent the last couple days doing just that. 

First, I worked on painting the rocky outcroppings. 

Then, I worked on giving the old moss and grass some depth with some reddish / battle scorn color. 

Then I spent an hour or so painting the fields of skulls all over the boards lol. After that I gave it all a nice muddy wash. 

To finish it off – I added patches of desert yellowish static grass. As well as some taller dry grass clumps. 

Lastly, I filled I the “skull basins” with some green tinted “water effects”.

Looks like it turned out well – Howler approves!


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