This Week in Hobby – 04.12.16

A quick update to things … 

I finished up this bike for my Mavericks unit. I should be able to get the rider done this week as well. 

 I also finished up these two minis last week …


The Dozer, Field Engineer with his Traktor Mul Control Device. 

And this guy … 112, Emergency Service (Doctor). 

I’ll try to get better angles on these guys when I get the light booth set up properly. 

Next up, Today I received my Kickstarter from Boneshop – the Bastion – Titan Wall Set.  All in good condition and on time!  


It’s a highly detailed resin molded model kit for use with 6mm games like Epic Armageddon. 

There is a great set of fan organized rules called Net Epic Armageddon which you can find online with free rules. 

I spent an hour or two cleaning up the parts and dry fitting things. I couldn’t help but to pull out my Epic Space Marines and Orks for a photo op!

And here are a few more shots after I cleaned things up and fit them better. 

I’m looking forward to getting this set painted for the gaming table soon. I’ll first try to see what I can do to possibly magnetize the elevator bits. 
All in all it is a cool set. I’m thinking I may head over to Boneshops website for a few other things at some point. 


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