Dark-Age Battle 2

Well my son and I threw down for another battle this past weekend.  This time we tried “The Slaughtering Fields” … A little confused on the objectives so we decided to score the as one point a turn if they are claimed. I need to look up the faq to see what we missed on it. 

Again, I’m writing this up a few days after the game and my memory isn’t great lol. I did take photos of the turns an the scores – so it’s not all for not. 

I’m still not sure how best to do the battle reports at this point. I’ll stick with more of a photo log for now. At least until I perfect a better way – that works with my style. 

We played ~500pts – him with the Dragyri and I with Brood. We just took stuff we wanted and left out any faction specific specialized rules. Next game we will probably get into that – but this time we just stuck with doing a mission and securing objectives.

Here are the forces we took…

 I’ll need to look into the list building for him – I’ve not looked deeply into the Dragyri rules to much – but I think he may need work when he sticks to a particular caste. 
Ok – here is the quick rundown of the battle in pictures




 We both took our turns moving up the table. Both of our factions are more close combat types – so we spent the turn closing the gaps. I took the time to also activate the objectives that I got next to. 

I’m trying to keep my forces from spreading to thin. In the past I’ve ended up to spread out and not being able to react and lend support as I would like to. 



At the end of turn two – start of turn three. I was up 3 objectives to his 2. It would have been tied at 3-3 if his Deaths Device hadn’t of had 2 bad rolls in a row to activate lol.  


Thus began the hand to hand. I sent out one of my Sawblades to interfere with his Death Device – while positioning my center to keep an eye on the objectives I’ve already claimed.   

At the end of the turn points are still close 6-4 based solely on claimed objectives. 

Turn 4 – in which the blood-letting begins. At the top of the turn my Sawblade dealt with the Deaths Device and had an action left to claim the objective.  

The Spirit Lord moved in to engage my center. He also sent the slaves forward – but they were slow to get involved. While he did this I sent my first Ratchet to claim the newly left unprotected objective.

My son sends in Luck-kit.. to take out the ratchet and re-secure the contested objective. Killing the ratchet easily – but failing to secure to objective roll. 

 I sent in the Broodhound and Ratchet to slow him down. Mean Jelly Beam stood back to lend support with an acid spray. 

At the end of the turn I’m up 12 to 5. Based  on swiping two more objectives and killing the pricey Deaths Device. 

My hope at this point is to simply slow down his big guys without giving up to many points.  I’ve built up a good lead in points – I should be able to hang on if I don’t mess this up. 

At the start of turn 6… I’m up 17 – 8 on kills and objectives. 


At this point it’s Luck’kit’kaii on a rampage – my son is trying to table me to gain victory. And Luck’kit advances and makes quick work of Mean Jelly Bean.
But that’s it – the game ends with my Brood still holding on to a victory.


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