Hobby Table – 03.16.16

Well I finally had to get some progress on my Infinity USAriadna … I’d been ignoring them too long.  I need to make some kinda progress on these.

As part of the Ordo Spring League for Infinity I pledged to get these guys done. So I gathered all of the faction up and got a good look at the task to finish them.

My table is becoming overloaded with projects. And I have more looming ahead – non gaming related. So I have to start somewhere to get these moving.

 I decided to apply the crackle medium to get all these bases going.  I picked up a new palette knife to aid in putting down the medium evenly.

After a day to dry I started applying a series of washes to bring the colors to match my previous tests.

I’m using the simple premixed GW washes for this – using the very wet brush to create pooling and variation in the look.

I also applied sand at this point – and got the entire faction looking like they are standing on the same ground.

I’ll follow up with a bit of paint and some highlight work to wrap up the initial basing look.   After I get the figures done I’ll go back and add the grass clumps and a bit more paint touch ups.
I spent one Monday afternoon painting the base colors on all the boots.


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