Dark-Age Battle


I got a chance to play Dark-Age again last week. My son and I played a ~750pt battle of simple learning and killing. 

 I played Brood and he tried out the Dragyri Ice Caste. It was a pretty bloody affair… As we simply beat on each other while seeing what models could do. Next time we will roll for a mission. 

I learned that the Howler is great fun – and the Ice Caste have some mean guys as well. I didn’t take notes – but here is a photo log of the battle. 

The Brood won on points – having killed all the Ice Caste Dragryi. But things got close after I jumped out to a lead. 
I still need to support Mean Jelly Bean better. 


6 responses to “Dark-Age Battle”

    • It sure felt like enough… and based on what I have seen in the book and from playing other games for a long time – it “felt right” to me. I’m working on more themed terrain (hills and swamps) just in case.

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