Well I spent the last weekend on a short vacation to the beach (Oregon Coast is about an hour west 😜). 

But I’ve got some hobby progress as well. 

First up – I finished my Puds for my Dark-Age Brood force.  Here is a short photo log of the progress to finish. 


They came out nicely – and they fit really well with the rest I have completed. 

Next up I’m working on the Ratchets – which I’m hoping to make a bit paler in comparison to the fleshy Howler and Hounds. 

Here is how they are as of Monday afternoon (below). 

Other than painting – while at the beach I took a few reference shots of terrain details – sand and rock formations. I’m hoping to use these shots when I start working on a table and more terrain for dark age. 

Here are the reference shots that I think will help me keep things looking organic and real. 

I may have looked a bit strange taking these close ups – but they are worth it later when I’m struggling creatively on a project.