Ordo Spring League


I’ve decided to enter my local gaming clubs Infinity Spring League. This is a painting league – where I post up my goals – the figures I plan to do… and then get points I the league based on my progress. 

All of this is perpetration for the big local tourney this summer. I also plan to get games of infinity in along with the painting. 

Here is my list …

Roger Van Zant


(2) Foxtrot Rangers

Mavericks on bike 

112. Emergency Service

(2) Dozer Field Engineers

Minutemen Ohio


(7) Grunts

(2) Traktor Muls

— All of these guys have been sitting on my painting table for many long months … With very little progress. I have finished a select few of the USAriadna… But ideally I need to free up space on my painting table. 

Here is a photo-log of the minis I’ve put in the list – and the state of the paint. 


The figures I’ve finished already don’t count for league points as far as painting goes – unless somehow I improve them. I may redo their basing – but beyond that I’m not sure. 

I’ll start posting weekly updates to this Infinity Spring (painting) League as things progress. But before I start the Infinity painting … I’m trying to get my Dark-Age Brood faction painted. 

I started with Mean Jellybean and the Brood Hounds this weekend – here’s how they are progressing. 

The Brood should be pretty quick – I have less than 10 figures to paint to complete them all. And I only need 6 for my 500pt list. 


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