Dark-Age Battle Report


I got down to the game club over the weekend and got in my second game of Dark-Age.  This was also my first game with my Brood. I had a game against Skarrd. And wow – was it a bloody match lol. 

It was a 500pt – get to know the game – game. And we were just trying to destroy the other faction. I took Mean Jellybean, (1) Sawblade, (2) Broodhounds, (1) Pud Thrower (the blank bases represent my puds currently) and a Gazell. 

My opponent had… Tribal Father, Bone Doc, fettish bearer, grafters apprentice, Dominique, 6x buzzblades (upgraded to Dominiques Chalica)… This all seemed pretty potent. 


I sent my Broodhounds up a flank and the rest of my brood hunkered down in the center of the table.  

Most of the Skarrd clumped in the opposite center … with  the grafters apprentice off to the right flank – “to keep him safe and out of the way” my opponent said. So I imediately got the hounds on that flank to hunt him down. 

 As this was my first game with the Brood I tried to just see what things could do. It was also my first game against the Skarrd – so I wasn’t quite sure what I was dealing with. 


I sent the Broodhounds over to harass the grafters apprentice … He fought off the first hound but took a wound I think. The next activation I sent the second hound in and it finished him off. 

I tested out the Pud Thrower – and got close – a near miss –  but before I got to activate the tossed Pud he was killed off. 

At this point my opponent launched Dominique into the fray … Charging around a crate and into my Pud thrower. 

The first angagement between the two was a tie – no wounds … But this prevented my Pud thrower from tossing another Pud into the clumped buzz blades. 

I decided to push forward on the opposite side of the central building with my Sawblade – trying to keep the clump of buzz blades occupied and hung up in the clump. I hesitate to get too close due to the Skarrd Bone doc and fetish bearer hi-jinx (buffs and de-buffs nastiness).  This charge ends up deadlocked with all damage saved by the Skarrd. 

The Skarrd reaction was to move up one of his buffer guys – to get the Sawblade combat into the de-buff bubble. 

I decide to free up my Pud thrower by having the Gazell assault Dominique – killing her on the first action. I then moved my Gazell into a better central position – ready for the next rounds activation.


The Skarrd react to the Sawblade by sending in multiple attackers to try and bring down the imposing Sawblade.


The first attacter gets a hit – the Sawblade has acid blood … the ensuing acid spray kills the first buzz blade attacker lol.  This melee goes into the next round. Where my Sawblade gets off another attack – but all the de-buffs make it really hard to hit the target numbers on the rolls.   The return hits cause damage and the acid blood spray again wounds another Skarrd Buzzblade. 

In the end of that skirmish – the Buzzblades take down the Sawblade – but loose two of their own due to the acid blood. 

Back to the rest of the action – I get off another Pud Thrower toss – hitting and wounding a Buzzblades on the other side of this central structure. 

I also moved Mean Jellybean around to get in position to send a spray of acid at the Buzzblades who finished off my Sawblade.  – clearing yet another Buzzblade from the table. 

 My lone Broodhound is sent running to try and do something about the Skarrd de-buff hi-jinx… But at this point the Tribal Father steps in and takes care of the Brood hound threat. 

At this point I’m at a crossroads in this game. I need to get closer to neutralize the Skarrd hi-jinx buff stuff – but at what cost. I decide to run my Gazell up and over the central building. – and here is the action I think I should have waited on – I used her last action to vault over the edge and directly into the fray. I should have held back … Stayed in position on top of the building and jumped down in the next turn with all of her actions. 

But… I got way to m eager – and the odds along with the de-buffs from the bone doc and fetish dude in just one assault was for not. I missed my rolls – and the remaining Buzzblades moved in to bring the Gazell down. 

Things were getting down to just Jellybean and my Pud thrower. 


The remaining Buzzblades and fetish bearer gang up and bring down my Pud thrower.  After that my remaining un-tossed Pud attacked and killed the wounded Buzzblade. 

On the opposite side – we were down to the final showdown 

While the remaining Skarrd regrouped – the Tribal Father tempted fate by assaulting Mean Jellybean. Tribal Father took an acid spray wound … but this one went back and forth – with Mean Jellybean going down to prone and bleeding out – the Tribal Father couldn’t land the killing blow … 

… getting a double malfunction on his last action lol. 

Mean Jellybean got back up with the help of regeneration … And only landed one hit on the Tribal Father.

—- that was it for the Brood … On the Fathers next activation he used all of his actions to bring down Mesn Jellybean – 

I think three were left on the Skarrd side. All in all a good learning battle for me I think. 

1) Skarrd hi-jinx with the buffing / de-buffing is just silly lol. 

2) Buffed up Buzzblades have a bite to them. 

3) Acid Blood is my friend. 

4) Use my quick vaulting guys with patience – to full effect with actions they have. 

5) … Lastly – Pud Throwers are something I need to better learn to utilize. Throwing Puds isn’t as easy as it looks. 

This is such a fun game – I really love Dark-Age. Thanks to my opponent – I’m hoping to get in more games soon. 


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