All Back Together

Ok – after two long evenings at the hobby table – I got all the figures from the “bad shipment” put back together. 

I’m really torn – I picked this deal up for the Brood faction. But now I’m really liking the look of the Dragryi figures lol. 

 Massive amount of Dragryi spear slaves. 

Brood “Mean Jelly Bean”, Gazelle and more Dragryi. 

Dragryi Ice Cast heavy hitters. (Luck’kit’kall, Frostbite & Deaths Device)

More Brood units. (Hounds, Sawblades & Ratchets). 

And here’s a few that I picked up to help balance out the factions …   
Dragryi Spirt Lord (above). 

Brood Pud Throwers (below).   

 With them all together I plan to mix up some “green stuff” and fill in some gaps in some of the larger figures. I’m hoping to get the whole group primered by the end of this coming weekend. 


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