FYI – Rant Incoming

Typically I’m not one to get wound up over things like an eBay purchase.  But I’m sorry – I found this irritating and needed to vent this hobby experience.

Last week I bid and won an auction for this bundle of Dark-Age goodness.

This is the photo from the eBay auction. Books are nice – the rules are out of date, but still cool books. I wanted to start a Brood faction and this had it all for a starting force (approx. 500pts).

As a bonus (to me) it also had a nice Dragyri faction as well of equal size. Cool – I watched the auction and placed an entry bid on it which I ended up winning. I got this bundle cheap – it was a steal – but with no other bidders – that’s sometimes how it goes. I paid within 15 minutes of the auction close.

Awesome, I can’t wait to get my hands on these guys – I’m so infatuated with Dark-Age right now. I wait a few days for the shipping and tracking information. … Nothing… No news or a message telling me anything. So I decide to pop a quick note to the seller -“hey – any word on tracking for this purchase – or when you may ship it?”  Not wanting to be pushy, I said please and thank you.

I get no reply, but the next day eBay gives me a shipping notification.  Cool, my goodies are on their way. I try to keep an eye on the tracking for the next few days – to be sure to swing by the post office to check on my PO Box.  I check the box at the post office typically twice a week.

I swung over to the post office yesterday – and Bang!  I got a key in my box – letting me know that I have a package in an oversized locker. Woot!  Awesome … I get the package – and things seem off at that point.

Picking up the box … It’s heavy (metal minis and books) … That’s to be expected … But it rattles and rumbles – like a box of rocks. … Ugh, I’m worried at this point.

I get home and take the box – gingerly – to my hobby table and open it …

I’m in shock, bits fall out the end as I open it. I decide to simply cut off the top of the box at this point … Why??

No packing material … No bubble wrap … No balled up newspaper … Air baggies , foam or anything. I removed the books and picked out the bits of figures that got caught between the pages…

What the heck!?  Seriously who does that?  What gamer would simply toss assembled minis into a box with two books – loose. It’s like they were just dumped into the box by the fistful. Seriously, I was just shocked.

I’ve gotten many things on eBay. I’ve gotten things from Europe, Asia, heck the “Midwest”. But never – EVER – have I seen this in over 20 years … Why?

I spent the rest of the night carefully going through the figures. The books are cool – and in good condition. Thankfully none of the figures were beyond repair. Nothing was “broken” – but just lots of severely bent or popped glue. I’ll post up the group after I’m all done fixing them.

I’m dismayed by this. I just had to rant about this. Please, if you sell your stuff and ship it away – please pack the minis with care. The person getting them wants to enjoy them – and wants to think that you cared enough to treat them right.  I didn’t file a complaint with eBay … I’m hoping that this seller had a simple lapse of judgement or bad day.


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