Making Fences – pt. 1

Last night I started building a fence.  I have been wanting a set of fencing for my games for quite awhile and getting those jungle trees done got me in the mood for more building stuff. 

 I found this bag and knew it would be perfect. I can’t remember what was in the bag at the moment. But I bought the bag with its contents. I’m thinking it had flower bulbs or something. Anyhow, the contents aren’t important. Look for a good mesh bag with this angled diamond shape. 

This bag was perfect. Last week I picked up some plastic rod and other items for this build.  I’m hoping for a set of good modular fencing for Dark-Age as well as 40k and Infinity. The aim is to fit the 28-30mm scales. 

The first thing I did was to measure out the bag and see what height of fence I could do – and use the bag most efficiently.  The usable length of the bag was 10 inches. So I set about cutting the bag up to 2″ heights. That should work out to roughly 10-12 foot fence to scale for 28mm or so. 

After trimming the bag down and cutting the loop I had 5 sections about 9″ long.  This should give me about 45 inches or over 3.5 feet… perfect. 

Next step is to build the five post sections. I’m thinking two 90° corner sections & three straight sections. Two of the straights will have some sort of damage. 



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