Slow month

Well I’ve been sick so far this month.  And I’ve not posted as many updates to the blog as I would have liked. I started feeling better this weekend and got out into my hobby area. 

First off, what’s new …  I got this nice set of new brushes for Christmas (to myself). 

I’ll let you know how they work out when I get back to work on painting minis. 

As for a weekend project, I had noticed when going through things that I had a couple sets of the old GW jungle style trees. 

 They were sort of a mish-mash of style and paint. So I put a plan together to redo them. I spent a couple weeks tracking down more sets. I found 2 more on eBay and another through a local gamer.  I think I ended up spending less than 16-18$ all together. 

Anyhow, I had all the trees together now – and feeling somewhat better I set to work Saturday morning. 

I first glued the bases of the trees to a nice big washer. I found a jar of these washers in the shop and they are nice and thin – raised in a ring with a depressed hole in the center. They measure around 1.25″ dia. which seemed like a perfect size. I also had enough for the 24 trees I’d found. 

After glueing the stumps of the trees to the washer I filled in any gaps due to the center depression with spackle. I then glued on some fine sand for texture. I tried to keep a random look on these.  I finished up by primering the bases and letting them dry. 

Next, I started painting the parts still on the sprues.  I primed the branches tan – and the foliage a forest green. 

On the branches I followed up wth a red wash. This was to start pulling out the details of the parts. I followed that wash up with some diluted blue ink. 

On the tops of the foliage I added a layer of the blue wash as well – to help add depth as well as enhance the details in the mold. 

On the underside of the leaves I base coated some red – followed again with a blue wash.

While the parts still on the sprue dried I spent time working in the trees I already had assembled.  Giving them the same color treatment as I could. This took the rest of Saturday to finish. 


Finally, on Sunday, I started assembly.  I cut out all the parts from the sprues.   I  then divided the parts somewhat equally between all the stumps. And I slowly started glueing the trees together. 

Yesterday, I added the finishing touches. I glued on some static grass, and added some extra highlights and detail paint to every tree. I wrapped it all up with some lighter/ dusty green dry brushing over the top of each tree to add one more needed depth. 

And done!  Now I have enough trees to really make a cool table. I love having these options. 

Next I plan on working on making some fences.  They will be for Dark-Age as well as the other 28mm battles. 


One response to “Slow month”

  1. Nice li’l update. I’m also interested to hear how you get on with the brushes. Hope you feel better. Have an ace one.

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