New Year – New Projects

I’ve been slowly gathering a few things in hopes of tackling a few projects this year. I also want to try and finish up things started last year. 

In my list for New Years completion must do’s.. 

1) Dark Age factions complete – I really want to bang out the CORE and the Outcasts. Mostly because I want to play the game more.  And with two painted forces it will be easier to get some new folks interested in the game. 

2) Infinity – again finish up factions painting. Unfortunately, I have 3 factions to do. So first I want to finish the USAriadna. Then I’ll re-evaluate the rest from there… Depending on project #3 below. 

3) Game board- specifically built for Dark-Age but usable for Infinity as well. I’ve picked up foam board to start this. I need to find a few more items before I launch into it. Also, I really want projects #1 & 2 above done before I go into it. 

4) Harlequins – yes I finally have a spark and a theme for this. My hope is to have anew army ready for OFCC (end of July). 

5) To go along with #4 I’ve picked up a few items for a show piece conversion for my army plan…  See if you can guess from the images below…

These will all be part of the build.  I plan to start right away. I’ll be posting up the project scope soon I hope. 

6) lastly on this list … I picked up this for my corsairs … Someday I’ll build it lol – hopefully his year. 


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