Getting Away

Well over the holiday my wife and I took a break from the 14.41+ inches of rain in the Portland, Oregon area.  The kids were in Boston this year – so we took a flight down the west coast to San Diego. The weather is nice – it’s been sunny and clear and about 20° warmer (low 60’s).

We have been checking out the sights in our short 5 days. We stayed down in the gas lamp quarter. 

Which is near the convention center – lots of tourist shops and places to eat. It’s also right next to several transit options. 

Things we did while here – in a short photo stream …

 Took a tour of the USS MIDWAY … cool ship … Lots of planes.  I took extra time snapping photos of controls and details for a future project. 

The next day we took a trip to the San Diego Zoo – huge place – lots to see. We didn’t get it all in – but we had fun. 

The next spot we took was a round of Disc Golf over at Balboa Park. Nice course – real busy. All the holes were par 3 – which was annoying. Also – there were several holes crossing paths – which seemed dangerous at times lol. 

That evening we took a look at Little Italy across town. Nice shops and good food. 

We spent the rest of our trip seeing Old Town – which had lots of shops – and food as well. 

Overall – San Diego was great – lots to do and see.  With great transit options and fairly easy and straightforward directions. Google maps with transit options turned on was perfect for getting around. 

One last thing – we ate breakfast here… 4 out of our 5 mornings 😄. Cafe21 was a great farm to table experience. 

It’s been a real nice break from the grey days – but I’m looking forward to getting home. Back to some projects and hobby time. 



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