Hobby Overflow

Well over the past week I’ve been trying to go through my current gaming hobby collection. First of which is my Warhammer 40,000 stuff.  

I’ve simply got to much 40k stuff that I don’t need. I have stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.  It’s high time I went through it and figured out what I have currently lol. 

In light of my resurgence in smaller skirmish and other games – my warhammer collection is just gathering dust. It’s time for some purging. 

I’ve started to catalog everything in this collection.  Partly to weed out duplicates – but also to figure out which parts are “collections”… And which parts I need to put up for sale.  

I’ve picked up some software to help me do the cataloging. I’ll review that process when I feel like I’ve came to some solution lol. 

For now, I’ve just been going through boxes and bags and taking mental notes – and organizing things better. After I have things sorted a bit more I’ll start making divisions about what to keep and what to purge. 


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