This past week I got a few more things. Three more kickstarters arrived … 

These nice trench systems from Red Dragon Gaming.  It’s a nice set of resin trench line … I picked up I think the ReDoubt set.  It’s nice to get more terrain additions to my collection. These can be used for almost any 28mm game table. 

I also received my Road Kill Kickstarter set. Love the cars and rigs. Now I just need to get the game rules and learn this game. I’ve watched several videos of this 9mm car war game – it looks awesome. 

Last Kickstarter package for the year – Shadow of the Demon Lord. Rule book and GM Screen. Not sure when I’ll get to play it – but it’s a cool idea for an RPG. 

I find it funny how all the kickstarters I did over the last 10 months or so arrived in the last 2-3 weeks lol. 

Lastly, I got in on a Forge World order … and picked up the updated IA book with new Eldar Corsair rules… (So far they are very cool after a quick read through). 



I also ordered this nasty wraithknight …

  I’m not sure where it will fit – initially I’m thinking it will be a part of my revamped Wraith-wall army. But I may try to put it into my harlequin redo army. Not sure yet.