Dark-Age battle!

Well I finally got a real game of Dark-Age in over the past weekend.  It was 590pts per side. CORE vs Outcasts (with bounty hunters). 

 I didn’t keep notes – it was out first ever game – flipping through the book and double checking card stats as we went. I have to say that it was pretty straight forward.  After about 3 rounds we had it pretty straight. 

I wasn’t really sure how to go about tactics on the Core. So we both just really went for the bloodbath of a head on confrontation. 

I also think we will need more Dark-Age appropriate terrain.  I found that my son was extremely lucky with his rolls – especially armor saves lol. And on top of that I had horrible dice most of the game. 

The outcast Bully was pretty hard to take out. I ended up joining this CC with my Pathfinder to take him down. 

Also – the Thumper was entertaining. Hitting the “target” once in three rounds of shooting. Before he got taken out. 


In the end – the Outcasts were to much for my Core gang. The dice were really favoring my son. As well as I think the core needs to mix together better for support. 

Next time I have a better idea of how to use the force. The outcasts really seemed straight forward. Really good on a straight up skirmish.

Also next time, we will try not to get some of the squad linking wrong – as well as play with the secondary objectives. 



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