Terrain – again

Ok – this week I tackled the second Kickstarter terrain build. This batch was from Impudent Mortal.  These had several differences when compared to the Mini Duels terrain I had done just a few weeks ago. 
 The parts were nicely trimmed and I had very little “scrap”. Not like the Mini Duels which had to be cut out from the main sheet prior to assembly. These were already removed from the main boards. Nice touch. 
This kit didn’t have building plans – but with a quick reference to their website they had a nice set of build pictures which were very helpful. In short order I had it all sorted out. 

After doing both sets I have to say I like the finish product better with the Mini Duels set. They just seem better designed and thought out for mini gaming with 28mm figs. 


 My biggest issue with this set – things fit too tightly – the roof elements are hard to remove – I’ll fix this with sanding – but it’s too tight. Also the ladders will not be as usable as the Mini Duels ladders. 
I do like the set. They will provide a nice alternative to the other Mini Duels set I did.  I’m planing to paint these with more concrete and urban looks. 


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