I spent the last few days cleaning and re- organizing my project table.  It’s really become a mess. With an assortment of things wanting attention. So after 2-3 days after work straightening up – I’ve made it so much better.

I’m hoping to find a good solution for the paints – I’m looking at a couple CNC options online – I’ve made no decisions yet – if your using something cool I’d love to hear about options.

Now I have my current projects where I can see them. Most are on the table because soon (2-3 months) I’ll be needing them for a tourney or a league or something like that.  All except the DarkAge stuff – which I’m trying to finish to do some demo games with after I’m good with the rules.

On the front and center que is the USAriadna – which I’m planning to learn with and play in a tourney in January.

The rest in no particular order are …

The rest of my current Infinity factions – Pano and the Nomads.

Then these Dark-Age Core and Outcasts.

And lastly some BloodBowl stuff I’ve been collecting. Mostly more gobbos – but also a few ogres for a human team.

Other than this stuffing gearing up for a game table build. 4’x4′ set up for Dark-Age and possibly Infjnity.  I’m collecting the items for the build now – and I’ll post up the plan when I’m ready to start that project.