Signs of (gaming) Life

Well I got out and played a couple short games of Infinity this week down at the club. It was really nice to get my head back into the hobby. 

I tried out my USAriadna force … I like the number of actions I get -but I need to work on support within my team.  I was still pretty pumped the next morning about playing some more games soon. I also ordered the rest of what figures I need to round out my force.  I’ll post up my working army after they arrive. 

I also got some painting time in this week – here is my CORE TB-13 … I’m good with how it looks. But I’m annoyed with the brand of primer / the surface isn’t as smooth as I used to get with the primer. 

The look is ok for my CORE – but I’m going to trash the can of primer before I prime anything else with it lol. 

Lastly, I finally got myself a copy of the print rules for Epic. – can’t wait to get in some games soon. 

More to come – I’m feeling good about getting my hobby time rolling again. 


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