Time to focus

Well things are getting to a better place for my hobby time. My daughter is doing better – and adjusting to her new conditions, as am I. Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the bits and a sucker punch for life to refocus things in your life.  These past few weeks (months?). Have done that for me. I think I’ve learned to take a breath now… As well as get a few decent nights sleep. 

Time is there for me to focus some of my attention back to the lighter side of life.  It’s the hobby time that keeps things fun. 

Well, I’ve done a bit more eBay shopping – a few more bits for epic.  A big titan for my imperials, some flyers for Orks as well as stuff for my eldar. I also picked up some epic objective markers. 
I’m thinking I’ll need to examine some army lists and figure out what I need to sell off. The goal is to build up 3-5 force factions for epic. I’m thinking I’ll do either tau or nids next, maybe both!? 😜

I found some time last week to paint up this Menial bot for my Dark-Age Core faction.

 I’m hoping to get the rest of the faction done soon. I really am hoping to get some games of Dark-Age in before the end of the year. 

Currently, my hobby desk is running out of room. At some point the fall rains will come and I’ll find more time to get some real progress on the hobby table. 

Oh – this week I traded off some x-wing stuff that I had gathering dust for these guys …. 
I’m still undecided of what to do for an army around these guys… (Ideas welcome!).  Currently, my thoughts are of trying to build a Rogue Trader force – using RT era fluff – possibly grey knights or inquisitor force … Perhaps combined.??  Or the thoughts of just adding 2 more knights and calling it good. 😳. But I have ruled out in my mind of combining them with any of my eldar. 

That’s it for now – 


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