Well on Friday last week I received my bundle of joy …

The USAriadna pre-order arrived!  Woot!  Complete with the new Van Zant mini 😜. Very awesome. 

Here is a quick unboxing from my point of view …   

I have yet to pull out the new game mat or put together the buildings. But the minis are great. I’ve spent the week assembling them all. I’m hoping to primer them tonight 😄. 

Here is a quick photo blog of all of the figures I received with the pre-order. 

Very easy to assemble – nice detail… Feels like the detail on these minis are beyond anything I’ve seen in minis… Great work on these new releases. 

I’ve ordered up a few more things to bump my faction to 300pts. … And this weekend I plan on taking them to a”noob-finity”game night.