Random Realization

Last night I paused to take this shot…  

In this photo there are at least two factions for two separate mini war games (Dark-Age & Infinity). 4-5 months ago was frantically trying to work on my 40k eldar force for OFCC.  One army for one game – and I had more things on the workbench. I probably have of an investment here in this shot as well. 

My realization?  Small skirmish games – have less figures per army/side. Allowing me to invest in multiple factions per game. This allows me to teach someone else how to play these games – with no investment on the part of the new player. 

With my investment I have better opportunity to “hook” new players and possibly future opponents to game with 😄. 

Sure it’s obvious from the outside – but those figures all assembled on the bench really sent the message to me. 


2 responses to “Random Realization”

  1. What I’m also liking of skirmish games right now is that they tend to offer a lot flexibility and really character models. Also not having to power through painting fodder trooper #29 is pretty sweet.

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