Token Upgrade 

I saw someone with some nice Infinity tokens/markers. After taking a closer look he explained the rather easy makeover. 

I picked up Operation Icestorm last winter. And we have played a few times with the card stock punch out markers. They are light weight and can easily be blown around or moved. 

The solutions include purchasing new markers or something else.  My solution was to upgrade them. 

— Really simple – I picked up these 1″ dia. plastic discs at TAP (a plastics parts and supply store locally).    

Then with some clear all purpose glue (also purchased at TAP). I applied a decent sized “glob” of glue to the plastic disc.    

With a little trial and error I found a good amount of glue to successfully seal the token to the disc.  Align the paper token with the glue side of the disc – and press down to get a good set. 

After that … Repeat the process with each token. After waiting a few hours for everything to dry and set – things look pretty good. 

This project took maybe an hour after work to do. All of my Icestorm markers are complete.  I plan to make another batch as soon as I get more markers. I know there are several places online to print out additional markers for infinity. I’ll be sure to update you when I print my own out. 


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