Attention on Dark-Age

I decided the next couple weeks I’d spend my time on getting my smaller games ready to play. Starting with Dark Age over the weekend.  A month or so ago I picked up these figures. 

I want to have both the CORE and the Outcasts up to playable minimums. I’m not sure about good levels – but aiming for 300-500pts each faction to start. 

I’ll get these all together and primed in the next couple days. Then I’ll work on points so far and make another set of purchases to get the points evened out. 

 Currently, my Outcasts are close to 500 – so I’ll be needing more CORE minis. 

– after both factions are together and primed I’ll turn back to my Infinity forces and do the same. Getting things to a primed stage – and ready to play. 


4 responses to “Attention on Dark-Age”

    • 😀 actually I have yet to play lol. I’ve watched several demos – and it looks easy enough. I’m hoping to get both factions ready and get some games in the month. I’ll be sure to post about the play!

  1. I’ve kept an eye on this game since when it was first released, only recently took the plunge: playing it by a few months now. Great game. Way better than just reading rules would suggest. Really a little hidden gem. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

    • I’ve got t more things ordered to bring my CORE force up to a good size. Which will give me wiggle room at 500pts for both the Core and outcasts factions. I can’t wait to get done games in.

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